Modeling and Analysis to Foster Societal Safety and Sustainability in a Changing World

Guikema Research Group, University of Michigan

Who Are We?

The Guikema research group consists of Dr. Seth Guikema and a group of postdoctoral researchers and Ph.D., masters, and undergraduate students. Dr. Guikema moved to the University of Michigan from Johns Hopkins University in August 2015, and the group currently consists of 2 Ph.D. students and one undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University and 1 postdoc., 2 Ph.D. students, and approximately 18 undergraduate and masters research students at the University of Michigan. Our research is focused on and grounded in risk analysis, statistical learning theory, Bayesian probability, stochastic simulation, decision analysis, and agent-based modeling. We focus on issues related to climate adaptation and the sustainabiltiy of cities and infrastructure, disaster risk analysis, critical infrastructure modeling, natural hazards, and terrorism risk. Our work is a mix of developing and testing new methods and applying methods to better understand problems of societal importance. Much of what we do is strongly interdisciplinary. The information in this web page should help to give a better picture of what we do. Contact one of us if you have questions or would like more information!

Selected News

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